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Meredith Harrison was born in Montreal, Canada, but moved to Knoxville, TN when she was a child. She attended Rhodes College in Memphis where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in French with a minor in Music. She lived and studied in Paris during her junior year abroad. 

After graduating she moved to Winnipeg, Canada, where she studied music and became an Associate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto (ARCT). At that time, she also started her Masters program through the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (Palo Alto, California) and learned the Berkal Technique with Beverly Berkal, founder of the technique.

Meredith moved back to Knoxville in the fall of 2006 and completed her Masters Thesis on the Berkal Technique, graduating in January of 2008.

Meredith started her training in Jin Shin Jyutsu while in Winnipeg in 2004 and became certified on this technique in 2006.

Meredith began teaching piano to young beginners in 2010 and has expanded her student base each year since then.

With a variety of training and a compassionate approach to teaching and healing, Meredith Harrison offers healing opportunities for the mind, body, and spirit.

For more information please call (865) 387-0876.

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Life Enhancing Arts and Practices

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