Berkal Technique

A New Technique to Clear
Emotional Baggage

For your mind’s well-being Meredith Harrison offers the Berkal Technique, a very efficient and effective tool for clearing out any negative emotions or belief sytems that arise from your past and affect your current life.

It involves giving a specific set of instructions to the unconscious mind to go in and pull up the chain of events connecting to the negative emotion or belief you are trying to clear and it eliminates them chronologically backwards, so you start with the most recent event and go back to your past, usually connecting to something that happened in your childhood.

In a typical session the client tells Meredith what they want to work on and then she gives their unconscious mind a set of instructions that pulls up the set of emotions or beliefs that need to be cleared. All the client has to do is take deep breaths and rate their emotions from 0 to 10 so Meredith can keep track of how much of the charge is eliminated from the incident or series of incidents.

The Berkal Technique is exceptionally fast. Issues that might take years of regular therapy to clear can be dealt with in one or two sessions. Its speed and effectiveness is what makes it so powerful. Another thing that makes the Berkal technique exceptional is that it clears issues permanently so they don’t come back. Though you may have to go back to an issue to clear further layers, whatever is cleared is cleared for good. The Berkal Technique clears events in groups, going back to the original event underlying the negative emotions or beliefs.

The Berkal Technique is not hypnosis, the client is conscious all the while and remains aware of everything that is going on. It is much like a regular conversation.

Meredith learned the Berkal Technique directly from the founder/creator of the technique, Beverly Berkal, and is the only practitioner in the United States.

To contact Meredith or book an appointment call (865) 387-0876.


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