French Lessons

Parlez-vous français?

Meredith offers private French lessons to all ages: young children, high school and college students, and older individuals seeking to learn a new language. She is also available to teach small groups. Most recently, she taught a class in A.L. Lotts Elementary after-school (PAWS) program to a group of ten first through fifth grade girls.

Lessons are dynamic and fun, covering a myriad of subjects and using multi-media. Lesson plans cater to the student’s particular interests and language goals. Correct pronunciation and native accent are
fostered through games, songs, crafts, and exercises appropriate to
student age level.

If you are interested in pursuing private or group French lessons with Meredith, please call (865) 387-0876. Skype lessons are also available for those who might be long-distance, or who prefer the convenience of taking lessons from their own home.

Meredith’s French Background

Meredith started learning French as a kindergartner in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. After her family moved to the U.S., she studied French privately so as to continue building on this early language exposure. Always ahead of her grade level in the subject, she excelled and won several awards for Excellence in French. Scoring a 5 on the French Advanced Placement Exam stood her in excellent stead for university, where she immediately placed into upper level literature courses.

Having dreamt of spending a year in France from a young age,
Meredith elected to major in French to make this dream possible. She spent her junior year abroad with Academic Programs Abroad (A.P.A., Paris) living just outside of Paris and taking classes at a
variety of French Universities, including Sciences-Politiques, Nanterre, and L’Institut Catholique. During this time, she lived with an amazing host family and increased her speaking abilities exponentially, as naturally occurs with full immersion experiences.

Since then, Meredith has been determined to continue using her French, and has made this a priority. She has taught private lessons for five years to a myriad of age groups, both privately and in school. Meredith is also realizing another one of her dreams by
raising her daughter to be bilingual, thus speaking as much French in the home as possible. It is indeed true that languages are meant to be spoken, and this type of daily use is the best way to apply classroom learning and lesson material.


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