Piano Lessons

Play the Songs You Love

Meredith offers beginner to intermediate level piano lessons. Her students are exposed to a variety of repertoire, but encouraged to play the songs they like best in order to get them excited about playing piano. Music theory, sight-reading and ear training, and music history are incorporated into each lesson in order to provide the student with a full musical understanding and strong music background early on. Games and other instruments are also incorporated into lessons to ensure the experience is engaging and fun.

For more information, or to enroll in piano lessons, please call 865 387-0876.


2 thoughts on “Piano Lessons”

  1. Meredith is a natural teacher and works really well with children. She is very patient and fun. My eight year old loves going to class and loves her very much.

  2. My son, age 9, and daughter, age 7, love their piano lessons with Meredith! They argue over who gets to have their lesson first, and are excited to show me what they’ve learned each week. My kids learn and think about things differently, and Meredith is able to teach each of them in a way that makes sense to them. Our piano lessons with Meredith are an entirely positive experience.

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