Voice Lessons

Joyful Voice™

For your soul’s well-being Meredith Harrison offers Joyful Voice lessons, a method of teaching people how to sing that emphasizes the connection with the soul and the projection of emotions through the singer.

Meredith’s goal when teaching voice is to get you to connect your soul with the music and reach for the emotions that are behind it, as well as understanding and utilizing the proper voice techniques. It is the emotion behind the singing that really touches people’s hearts when they listen to you.

Meredith uses a gentle approach and believes in teaching in a loving manner. Singing is such a personal thing, even more so than playing an instrument, so when an instructor makes comments about a person’s performance, it can affect the person very deeply. Meredith seeks to affect her students only in positive ways.

Meredith helps students transform their beliefs about singing, and since belief of what you can do with your voice is crucial to a performance, students of Joyful Voice often find that they can exceed their expectations of what they previously thought possible.

Joyful Voice is student-guided. It aims to help people reach their
musical goals not only by learning technique, but also by singing the type of music they are interested in.

To contact Meredith for more information or to book a lesson call (865) 387-0876.

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